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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our commonly asked questions that may help with your planning. Please feel free to Contact Us directly for more information.

We have a prototype for a retail product, how can you help us?

Yes we can. Please contact us directly and we can discuss further what channels your product/s fit into.


What categories to you currently represent?

We currently specialise in selling and distributing in the outdoor, hardware and general merchandise channels.


Are you interested in taking new categories? Would you consider selling brands into new retail channels?

We would love to hear more about your brand and always looking to extend our reach in all industry channels.


What retailers do you work with?

We work with Anaconda, BCF, Big W, IGA, Spotlight, Pet Culture, Supercheap Auto & Mitre 10 just to name a few.


Will you connect with a retailer on our behalf?

Absolutely. Our team are well versed in making and building connections as specialist retail distributors. We would work with you to understand your goals and support a plan to get there.


We are an Australian Retail brand manufactured in Australia? Can you help with overseas manufacturing?

Yes. With over 60 years experience in retail manufacturing, we’re able to connect and manage your manufacturing of products overseas as well as the import process right through to delivery and merchandising in store.


We are developing a new product, when is a good time to connect with Lucas Brands?

Please reach out to our team, it is always a good time to speak about new products and opportunities.

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Let's Work Together

We look forward to an occasion to discuss your brand distribution goals. We're a trusted partner to household brands, and we could become yours as well. Reach out to discuss more.

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