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Lucas Brands & Distribution Acquires Distribution Rights for Scoutlite

A Leading Outdoor Sports and Portable Lighting Brand joins the Lucas Brands Portfolio

Lucas Brands & Distribution, a distinguished name in the distribution industry with 60 years of experience, proudly announces its recent acquisition of the distribution rights for Scoutlite, a renowned lighting brand specialising in outdoor sports and portable lighting. Scoutlite is a subsidiary brand of the globally recognised MagicShine, a leading company in cycling lights.

Lucas Brands & Distribution, based in Brisbane with five distribution centres nationwide, has solidified its commitment to providing top-tier products and services by adding Scoutlite to its diverse portfolio. The company is a trusted provider to thousands of retail stores nationwide, with a strong focus on the Outdoor and Adventure sectors.

MagicShine, the parent company of Scoutlite, stands as one of the world's top five brands for professional cycling lights and is celebrated globally for its innovative outdoor sports and portable lighting solutions. With millions of customers worldwide, MagicShine is an award-winning master brand.

Scoutlite, a subsidiary of MagicShine, is dedicated to producing cutting-edge lighting products for outdoor enthusiasts. The Scoutlite design approach focuses on improving the user experience, recognising the family element of outdoor adventure and the need for utility. Leveraging MagicShines’s over 15 years of experience in outdoor light research and development, Scoutlite benefits from an impressive portfolio of over 20 innovation patents and 100 protection patents. The brand's commitment to quality is evident through its ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certifications, ensuring rigorous quality management.

Key Features of Scoutlite Products:

  • World-leading optical system design

  • Unique dissipation and hierarchical structure design

  • Effective heat conduction control

  • High water & dust resistance level

  • Several design patents

  • Industrial product standard

  • Stable structure, easy to unpack and install

  • High-efficiency electro-optical switching circuit

  • Precise product temperature control

Scoutlite offers a comprehensive range of products, including bike lights, motorcycle lights, flashlights, and headlamps, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts in cycling, hiking, diving, motorcycling, and other fields.

"Our commitment to providing brands, consumers can trust and use in their everyday lives remains solid. Scoutlite is a great addition to our range of brands, is manufactured to the highest quality whilst providing unwavering performance to the Australian consumer.” Managing Director, David Lucas.

Lucas Brands & Distribution is excited to bring Scoutlite's exceptional lighting experiences to the Australian market. The acquisition underscores the company's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its retail partners and customers.

And to learn how you can bring ScoutLite into your retail store, please contact us.

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