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Wholesale Distribution Trends Transforming the Industry

As distributors continue to reset and recalibrate in a constantly changing market, what are the 2023 wholesale distribution trends ahead?

According to the Future of Commerce, there are four main ways distributors are transforming their business to meet customers’ changing needs and gain a competitive edge:

💡Offering high-value services – The standard product catalogue doesn’t cut it anymore. Wholesaler distributors need to offer services around their products based on customer needs. Examples include kitting, pre-assembly, packaging, and IT services such as web design.

💡Perfecting delivery – By adding digital channels and streamlining warehouse and logistics operations, distributors can provide the speed and convenience that customers expect today.

💡Becoming trusted advisors – Distributors can rise above by collaborating with their customers throughout a larger project’s lifecycle. Project management and coordination services are value-added services that can build trust.

💡Optimizing business operations – Using automation and intelligent technologies, distributors can reduce manual tasks to increase efficiency.

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